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Saturday, June 7

It's a Saturday!!. Entered office only at 5.00 PM to close its door on 6. Pretty Hot outside & busy in personal works. Finished the Sample Keyword Analysis report for my SEO Client.

Offlate, from a creative director's view point, I work more in terms of business information solutions and one to one marketing arena. Watch this place, once we are up with our sister arm for 1-to-1 personalised marketing / communication solutions / services aptly named as 1to1interactive.

It's been a criminal waste in spending huge amount of money in terms of the look and feel & countless, useless, downloaded scripts in many of the Indian companies Websites by the designers & developers. It is a pathetic & horrible state of affair, that except for the big spenders & few good visionaries in the business, none of the Indian business sites, can provide the information we like to take. Quite disgusting to find those huge graphics, useless features, mouse trails and unwanted flash intros [maybe, some of the fellow designers / developers / freelancers across India makes money on this] which is not going to solve the purpose at all.

This article which I received a week back thru' my subscription can give an exact answer on "why companies & organisations need to look beyond traditional web & its usages"

Why Usability Matters to Your Business
"Most, if not all, Internet users are familiar with the hallmarks of poor usability. How often have you invested time at a site only to be frustrated because you were unable to complete a purchase or registration process, or couldn’t find the information you sought? More importantly for commercial websites, how was your perception of the brand behind the website affected by your experience?"

From today i have decided add a bit of a buzz to this blog by providing information on ever expanding search queries of mine with intersting area to park your browser for a sip of tea.

Read : Jim Collins' official site [ Happen to glance thru's his article, and book "Good to Great" worth parking your cursor.]

Subscribe: SEO submission Tracking service [ Finally, i found one location where I can track info. about all my SE submissions ]

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