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Thursday, February 12

Will macromedia take over the PDF Dome?

I know it is ubiquitious as a file format worldwide for digital content distribution. I am talking about .pdf and acrobat reader from Adobe. Sometime back MM bundled a small program with their Contribute 2 Edtion called flash paper. Although, the popularity & usage of this program is handful, [tht' wht i thought initially], some of the fellows are serious in using this stuff.

Going thru the flex's blog I read a post on how people are slowly can adopt to this. Read this testing report...

Excerpts from the report:

Our first impression is that this is an interesting program, adding document support to the popular Flash program, and well worth watching.


* FlashPaper works with any printable document so Web site visitors can display them using the Flash viewer without having to own the original program.,
* FlashPaper documents open instantly within Web pages, providing a seamless way to display documents as an intrinsic part of a Web page.
* The initial display is very fast, with little program or document load time.
* A minimal user interface avoids screen clutter, while putting zoom, page and print controls in easy reach

and well he lists drawbacks also. have a look at his page.


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