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Friday, November 26

Top 20 IT Mistakes, every organisations go thru

Great article find from Drew McCallan in his blog. The thing which interests me, like Drew, is the IE-centric approach to web. (Mistake no. 11). Get the full article here.

I like the points being rised by Dickerson in his article. Most importantly, the emphasis given to PHP in his article. Underestimating the value of PHP by any Web Shops, will hit you as a serious blow in the future.

Well worth an article. As a policy, we at 360 Degrees made it as a point, to go table-less & standard-compliant code to develop websites. Although, it require a steep learning curve, the fruits are well worth the effort. Today, in no time, we are in a position to showcase website prototypes to clients and gives them the best the industry can give.

It is very sad to see that bigger web shops & portals are not switching to Standard compliant solution yet. Here in India, rediff makes the color changes with an external CSS file in their homepage, but it is way behind implementing a standard approach to the web. The benefits of following standards are yet to be realised by Indian companies as on date of this writing.

Stop yourselves at WaSP & Bowman's excellent article on changing the Microsoft's homepage. Atleast, if not fully, we can certainly correct a few mistakes when you take up the next web-based initiatives.


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