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Monday, March 21

Devil is in the Details

Post selling of CSSVault, there are couple of Standard compliant, web development companions are started cropping across. After the revamp of Stylegala, one more site is in the fray, called Devils Details, to capture the attentions of the Webdeveloper.

The good thing about all these websites are, that everybody is showcasing standard compliant design & structure adopted by big corporations, which to me is a good sign in the years to come for neutral web. Finally, we evolved to respect the people who use the website rather than the browsers they use. In the similar line, Googlex is fine example of what DHTML with little bit javascript can provide


At 1:12 AM, Blogger Kangs(கங்கா) said...

Finally.. A word about Google is there in your message..

Google.. Google.. Google..

thaalaiva thukkaththula kooda Google search pannikkittu irupinga pola irukku

At 9:59 PM, Blogger Narain said...

Kangs, I love Google not just as a brand, put they are purely the next generation company in terms of understanding the "unstated demand" and produce products based on that. That makes Google, much better than all. OK. accepted, let me try to post a few things without google in few posts, but let me accept, the world is a circular place, so i got to come back to google again. ;-)


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