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Tuesday, March 21

Pour more "SaaS" to my plate

It's official. It's accepted, screams the zdnet blog. Infoworld's article about SaaS [Software as a Service or Software applications delivered as service via Internet] makes Web 2.0 Evengelists like myself, jump out of seat and scream loud about the upcoming Wave. This Tsunami called "SaaS" will revolutionise the way we interact with the software applications. Post 80's saw the Desktop PC revolution. Mid 90's saw the / internet revolution and as a cycle, mid 00's will be the SaaS revolution.

For a CTO, SaaS is a no-brainer. Upload, integrate and run the application worldwide. No need for custom installations, no long implementation cycles, no operating system switchings and most imporatantly with SaaS, the portability of the applications are now easier. Our TracBac [in private user base] is based on similar model. No need for any installation, configuration and system specification to use the application. Your computer will be a part of the larger network as Jonathan says "The network is the computer"

SaaS as a model will change the dominance of big desktop players like Microsoft, Adobe, Corel among others. The future is now just a browser away!


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