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Saturday, June 14

Sorry dint post yesterday. Off for sleep early. Chennai, at last saw a few rain drops from the sky. Finished the Client Requirement Study with Murari. Seems interesting and considers fine.

There is a different community of bloggers started sucking the web called b-blogging [business blogging] had a thorough read about them, seems it is intersting information how we can work on. This raises a few questions in the mind, is these b-blogs can be xploited commercial, if they become commercial, the credibility & the freedom of information they provide is reliable or like the ad sizes, sites, will there be a competition among the b-bloggers for content / ad space. So much to think about. for starters, look into this click Z's article http:// feedback / buzz/article.php/2221421

If you are looking into some sort of creative exploration in terms of Images, check out this weird collection of Image bundle from Punch Stock

Got to say a few thanks to Toxi, [] for sending me the info i requested. Look into his site for his contribution & experimentation in Director & a bit of Flash.

I am off today [Saturday] for the most awaited film for the last 2 years - Matrix Reloaded. Will post what Neo whispered me :-)

Today's Read : Tech Republic

Subscription: Software CEO If you think you are in any portion of IT & Software, this news letter and website provides you the bunch of info. you can REALLY use

Worth Reading :: If you use Flash, then you will know What COllin Moock has contributed to the Flash community. Offlate, he also started blogging. Like his website, this is thoughtful and well written on issues spanning beyond flash.Moock's Blog


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