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Wednesday, September 3

The curse called CAS [or a blessing]

All the eyes of the media is now with the city i live in, chennai. First time, CAS [ Conditional Access System ] for satellite channels has been implemented from 1st Sep. Going by the media reports, i see for yesterday & today, there is a lukeworm response for buying the Set Top Box and other related hardware for CAS.

Finally I get rid of annoying & frustrating verbals like [ "Anjali, than Kuzhanthaiyai Kappaturvalla" - (Kaviajanlali), "Bharniyae keduthavanae pazhi vangama vida matten" - (Payanam) - Star Vijay, Mummy- Tonite at 9.00 by HBO [telecasted for 1,23,45th time] and a host of boring & useless channels. Atleast, now my mother or my sister is not ordering me to go to the kitchen and arrange my food or my father & the kid glued to Animal Planet, without taking any of my queries [letter ethavathu vandutha?, Avar phone pannara?]. Still, for my home audience, nothing really has lost except for Star Vijay, they still watch soaps on Sun, Raj, Jaya & KTv. so for my home, except for a few lose for me, there is no need for a Set Top Box presently. Btw, I just know that Shriya [ SS Music Compere] is a daughter of former cricket player Bharat Reddy. Kolti Taste!!

Within this, I have lost a few of my fav. channels like CNBC TV18, Cartoon Network, NGC and Discovery but i am looking for a positive conversion of Pay channels into either a Free to Air [FTA] Channels, or can unbundle their channel offerings [Who sees Zee English & for that matter GoD Tv]. My operator runs a channel called "Hollywood" substituted for Star Movies. Any new channels in the offing?

I strongly beleive that there is a better world outside Star, Sony, Zee, Sahara and Sun. If these guys can connect some French channels [TV16 or 18 sometime back, i m not sure]. asian channels [japanese gaming channels] or the advertsing channel [UK channel which features only advertisements] that is worth watching than soaps, movies and useless dialogues. Going by this, i strongly foresee, that a day will come when bandwidth & net access is metered like electricity, [Thanks Mukesh Ambani], there can be a whole new possibilities of entertainment medium, not with constrains of these idotic channels, but can view & see Internet ready films, Net-Radios, online community channels, channel-ised gaming and what not. Captain Vyoming, is the Orbit Ready?

If anybody has 5 Crores come let's start a new Channel exclusively for World literature, Cinema, Short Films, Art, Classics & Techniques. I am ready with the PanAm Satelite contract for 2 years. [Late Breaking News: My cable operator turned Star Vijay, all the things about Kavianjail is back :-( ]


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