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Friday, August 8

Cola & the Sweet Poison

The hottest topic on my desktop is not even the release of Flash Player 7 and its capabilities. But, the question raised on the toxic ingrident levels in coke & pepsi. The CSE report says that there is more toxic ingridents in the samples of both coke & Pepsi beyond the allowed limits, which can result in Cancer in the long run.

The first thoughts is that, well anyway everything else around us in India is polluted from water to vegis to milk to groceries to politics, what great difference will Pepsi & Coke makes. But what make me furious is the way the Executives in Coke & Pepsi handles this issue. These MNCs talk about the impurity of the ground water, tap water and other government issues and proclaim that their factories / units for based on global standards. Before even coming to this country, they pretty well know about the water conditions over here and they also aware of the "chalta hai" attitude of the average Indian customer.

There have been cases in & around india, where we witness all sorts of creatures, pens, plastic materials, pins inside the Cola bottles. There are occurances of how bad they went behind the scenes in dumping each one's bottles & destroying that. Even the water is not pure, it is the responsibility of these MNCs to take care of the interests of the customers. It is the responsibility of them, to provide a safe drinking alternative [ Is Sergio Zymen reads this!!]. It is their responsibility of Cola giants to invest on consumer interest issues like these than pouring Crores of rupees to "Khans", Sachins and the like.

and btw, irrespective of the outcome, I still feel that our common Indian customer will take everything as easy as he lives, and looks out for what avatar Aamir Khan will take.


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