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Tuesday, May 18

Black Monday

With a confusion in the centre about Who will be the PM of india? Will they allow economic reforms ? Will the communists allow disinvestment? and more, the sensex in 2 days dropped 900 points. In money terms, roughly 2 Lakh Crores vanished in 48 Hrs. Horrible to hear. Well effectively, it turned to be a Bloody Black Monday.I donno how the fund managers of large corporations is going to answer this to their investors. It will be a tough job for them.

With things very unclear, there is a potential danger, that We can slip a bit in our International image...and btw, i have just finished a standard compliant web design..lot's of hair picking things to go with..but finished nicely.

Waiting for sometime along with the team to look into the long pending overhaul of the redesign of our website.


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