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Thursday, September 16

Glasses are Up & Communications are down

In a fire accident happened in the first floor of the Touctel's Chennai Santhome HeadQuarters puts my entire communication down. My phone, internet access, mobile all are with Touchtel and it wrapped in one shot. Yesterday, after seeing one great hell of a cuban movie (The Last Supper(1976) ) we all went to "SPEED" the high octane pub at Mount Road. What a riveting experience that was! The place is really high volume and i am witnessing the other side of Chennai. The men, the women and the place is filled with smoke from both of them. We went in at 8.45 and came out by 11.00 and as always i had my veggie, non-alhocolic pineapple juice named as "Final Lap". From there we went to "virudu nagar" T.Nagar for our a food that was....for the first time in my life i have tasted almost all the non-veg side dishes over it chicken, mutton, crab, fish everything went under my mouth.

Good Film. Good Place to Drink. Great Place to Eat. That's what you call it as "LIFE"


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