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Monday, September 13

Machinima: Film making redefined

In 1996, a gamer sat down to play the PC game Quake. And with it, he jumpstarted a filmmaking revolution. He just recorded his game as he plays and came the first silent movie "diary of a camper" a 1 min. and 30 second, single take silent film centered around an entrenched lone gunman who is rooted out by a team of equally lonely gunman.

Machinima, it is filmmaking redefined - a merging of three creative mediums: Filmmaking, animation and 3D game technology. In simple terms, Machinima is animated filmmaking within a real-time 3D virtual environment. It utilises the real time capture of performance, actors, and events (filmmaking), the creation of artistically created elements moved over time (animation), within an interactive virtual 3D environment (3D game development). Inspiring stuff, all started with a gamer's vision.

Interesting read in O'reillay about this kinda filmmaking. chk this information to be filmmaker of the future


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