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Friday, March 25

Browser Brigade

It was once said, that the Browser war was over and Microsoft's Internet Explorer will be undisputed leader in the browser space. Everybody accepted that time, since the only worthwhile competitor at that time, Netscape is losing the battle. Internet Explorer will be the defacto gateway for WWW pages. period.

Enter Mozilla Firefox. From a humble beginning in 2003, today Firefox spreads like virus among people, developers, enthusiasts and like. Organisations have wake up to the fact that their web based applications need not be IE centric. Developers have embrassed the standard way to design, develop & structure web pages. It was not the case years before. You need tweak separately IE & Netscape with proprietary tags & programming to make certain functionalities work.

Not only Firefox, changed the perception that WWW is not IE, but it also helped other players to rethink about their position & re engerise to create quality browser products.

Off late, AOL is in discussion with Mozilla. Google is talking to the Firefox community. Silently, Netscape has launched their Netscape Browser 8 beta. Microsoft because of the pressure, postponed the launch of Internet Explorer 7.

May the war bring happiness & peace to the ever changing web.

Incidently, Microsoft is also testing a RSS aggregation service via web. Although this is not an official launch, this is an incubation experiment from MSN - Watch whereas, Yahoo already has My Yahoo! RSS aggregation and surprisingly Google hasn't created one yet. Maybe they are working on a much better service ;-)


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