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Thursday, September 15

Ajax Apps & Changing face of applications

We recently completed an web application for one of our client here in Chennai. Having understood the importance & functional value of Ajax (for the uninitiated, it is Asychronous Javascript and XML) I specifically instructed the development team to use Ajax wherever it will provide value to the client. Having said that, the world is slowly ajaxed in all cornors. I have reported about Writely, a neat Ajax-based web application some time before.

With Om Malik on myside, let me introduce Meebo, a web-based Trillian like all IM combo in one single screen. An Ajax-driven IM Client, Meebo cut thru a lot of things like installation of various messengers, rights of installation in user's machine, administrative controls and so on. Presently with Meebo, you can use your AOL, Yahoo!, MSN & ICQ IMs. Surely, the world is embracing the browser with much love. Try out Meebo (still in the alpha stage!)

Zimbra is another innovation on top of the browser. Zimbra is an open source, Ajax-driven full featured, i repat, full featured email client. Absolutely a delight in knowing someone has developed a complete email client in the likes of Outlook, Thunderbird, iCal running inthe browser. I haven't downloaded the collaboration suite yet. But going by their hosted demo, I can visualise where they are looking at. Infact, with the proliferation of Ajax-driven, browser-centric, no-server-troubling apps, we can depend more on your browser than to install/uninstall and do whole sorta nonsense on every crash. Download Zimbra Collaboration suite source.


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