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Friday, September 2

10 Steps for successful Web 2.0 Company

Web 2.0 is here. You can smell that in the air surrounding you, the likes of BaseCamp, Blinksale, Flickr, Socialtext, and so on makes life much more simpler. Charlie of "this is going to be big" blog has given Ten commandments for the Web 2.0 companies. It's an interesting read, although some of the points he raise can be debated.
  1. Solve the smallest possible problem (that is still big enough to matter) for the user and know exactly what problem you're trying to solve.
  2. Get a responsive and chatty audience using the product
  3. Launch. Now. Tomorrow. Every day.
  4. Distribute. Distribute. Distribute.
  5. Don't hold users against their will.
  6. Be mindnumbingly simple.
  7. Get people hooked on free.
  8. Don't waste any money on marketing.
  9. Don't overfund.
  10. No one sucks.
Read 10 Steps to a Hugely Successful Web 2.0 Company


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