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Friday, January 6

Google goes Mobile with Motorola

Google is a smart company. Instead of fighting with Microsoft on desktop [rumours were that Google is tieing up with Walmart for low cost PCs ] Google, takes the battle to the next frontier, Mobile phones. To me, it's a smart move. Google announced a partnership with Motorola, enabling google search on Motorola mobile phones. Some future motorola phones will even be expected to come with a Google button itself. This will put some ice in the minds of BillG, who boldly said that his competition is not with Google, but with IBM in the recent CES Show. On the other hand, the mobile eco systems will be far bigger than the PC eco systems in the coming years. The OS battle will eventually shift to Mobile, as future mobile phones will not just be phones with "talk & type" only features. For now, Google is doing a great job in concentrating on platforms which will be the choice of the future.

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