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Monday, January 2

India - Enterprise & Venture Capital

Sadagopan has outlined the issues, opportunities India as a country have for promotion enterprise. He rightly points out on the flaws of our system in terms of encouraging risk taking ability & entrepreneurial support. With Mallika in his side, he points out

"He adds that in the early-stage investing business, there are a few small funds that are local to India but have not done too many deals and highlights venture money goes into early stage, pre-product or pre-revenue companies in the US , while a majority of the private equity is going into late stage businesses in India."

The need for a greater dream & creating products out of India is all the more required today than merely providing IT services, as services always are "sword above your head" scenario. She also rightly points out on the issues of disruptive global innovations like Flickr come out of India. Early stage funding is literally dry in India. People wanted to bed on safer companies or companies with considerable past history. So it is very tough to have the next Flickr out of India.

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