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Friday, December 2

Shame on IDBI

When I try to look at the new microsite promoted by IDBI, one of India's largest bank, i got this. This is absolutely shame on the part of IDBI and the design team behind the development of the website. Don't they know that the browser marketshare is steadily moving towards Firefox and other alternative browsers. Why is IDBI putting pressure on me to use Microsoft Internet explorer. This is violation of user's privacy and his choice of the platform. Web design & development as a profession should support multiple browsers and platforms. When people worldwide talking about standard compliant, semantics driven web development, what you get in India is this. Absolutely ridiculous. Look at this site -

Some of India's big names still dont have a proper website and dont understand Web as a medium. IDBI is one among them.


At 9:51 PM, Blogger Rams said...

Sometime back I discovered that while enabling popups in Firefox would get you to the login screen, I still couldn't login, since the first popup login redirects you to from or some such. The layout seems to have slightly changed since. The whole idea of popping up to make you login in so ridiculous. I had to analyze the HTTP traffic to figure out what was going on - pathetic !Useability is rarely a concern with indian banks and ICICI is surely the winner there ;-)


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