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Friday, March 24

Mesh Conference - Canada's web 2.0 conference

Canada is a buzzing hub for emerging technologies. Closer to US, it has some exceptionally talented people in the area of Web 2.0. Like we organise BarCamps, [which is an unconference and a more informal event]our canadian counterparts on technology are organising Meshconference -Canada's web 2.0 conference in Toronto. Just going thru' their site, I am sheerly impressed by the speakers they have roped in. The best in the Web 2.0 and modern web thinkers are there with them. Om Malik, Steve Rubel, Stowe Boyd, Tara Hunt, Paul Kedrosky and my much beloved Jason Fried everyone is there. If you are in Canada or even in US, take up sometime, dont' miss this. This gives us confidence, that in coming months, it's very much possible for India to organise a similar event. Good show guys!


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