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Sunday, April 16

Innovator's world - Apple, Google all the way

Businessweek's cover story talks about 100 most innovative companies in the world. It is no surprise to me, that their survey in 3 continents [Asia, Europe, North America ] puts Apple in the first place and Google in the second place. They have done an extensive survey in 3 continents and a slide show detailing the order.

Innovation is in heart of Apple from late 90's as Steve Jobs has taken the top chair in its garage company. Going by different reads about Steve Jobs on books, news article he is a compulsive manic in perfection & industrial design for his products. On the other hand, Google, surprisingly lead by two "geeks" has brought in tremendous changes in the way people search, communicate and work in recent years. The heart of innovation of Google lies in its simple presentation of complex algorithms & search results to a laymen. Innovation need not be creating a new line of activity or product but packaging an ever useful thing the way people like it. The iPod & Gmail are classic example of how a 'commodity product' can be made into a cult product. The other surprise in the list is that the Asian and Europeans think, Microsoft is an innnovative company and providing the 4th rank [Incidently, the Europeans prefer their finnish major Nokia in third place, and Asians put 3M in third place] whereas the Americans put Microsoft into a distant 9th position for their ranking. The only Indian company toping the list is Infosys by Asian listing. My list probably goes like this going thru the survey:
  1. Apple
  2. Google
  3. Nokia
  4. Toyata
  5. Intel
  6. Southwest Airlines
  7. IBM
  8. Sony [Surprising North America dont even list Sony]
  9. Technorati [Although this is not a traditional company, these guys will revolutinise the way online works in coming years]
  10. IDEA


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