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Monday, March 27

The New wisdom of the Web

Newsweek's "The New Wisdom of the Web" says
The Living Web means that there may be plenty of opportunities to become the next Flickr, and hundreds of start-ups are trying to do just that. At Tim O'Reilly's recent Emerging Technology Conference, it seemed that 1,200 people had signed on to some collectively generated business plan: starting a company in a spare bedroom, outsourcing the programming to some Indian company they found on the Web, getting content from users and then having users organize the content by tagging, pocketing money from Google ads placed on the Web site and, finally, selling the company to Yahoo.
The future is just right here, right now! in India :)


At 10:16 PM, Blogger Razib Ahmed said...

The future of net is really in India. The only thing India should do is to invest in its infrastrutuce more.


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