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Saturday, May 13

Barcamp Mumbai - First preview

Landed in the IIT Powai the place which hosts barcampmumbai. The place is seriously cool and works perfect for such a conference, so relentlessly. My presentation is kept at around 12.00 AM, let's see it was supposed to start at 9.00 with the welcome address and i can only see a handful of people over here and the wi-fi is not configuring yet. What's fun without all these glitches in running a barcamp

People are laughing and i think i am heading for some beautiful presentation. It's 10 AM now and we are still figuring out the way things are in terms of Wi-fi. It's good to see some young faces & people speak out Web 1.0 & pulling the legs of the the sponsors, good finally we landed to the Web 2.0 regime inside with a cut chai :)

Good to see there are more woman participants in mumbai. I have seen one hand full of participants in chennai & i am unsure about what happened in bangalore & hydrabad. I hope this will be one more rockin geekdom.


At 1:00 AM, Blogger Aswin Anand T.H. said...

Cool... :D

I was expecting a detailed review like sorts of post...


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