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Monday, November 13

Asia's Mobile mashups

Asia's mobile mashup in Businessweek article
..the combination of disparate features into one device isn't just a top-down phenomenon pushed by carriers and manufacturers. Consumers often take the lead, playing with user-generated content in myriad ways. They can seamlessly "mash up" or combine, say, music or video from various sources and integrate applications from their personal computers and printers with their handsets.

The feature-power of mobile phones and the creative melding of content and software applications are bound to increase as 3G mobile handsets and ever-speedier wireless networks continue to be rolled out across the region. Roh Jun Seok, a researcher at state-funded Korea Culture Content Agency in Seoul, notes that plenty of consumers are already using their handsets to shoot digital photos and video clips and then transferring them to PC-generated home pages and blogs.

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At 5:36 PM, Blogger Salil said...

Asia will continue to evolve as far as mobile industry is concerned dut to low labor costs & high population in the region. Anyways, nice article. you can read a nice industry research blog at which i found i quite interesting.


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