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Tuesday, December 26

Wikiasari mania roundup

Jimmy Wales, the founder of wikipedia is launching a search engine powered by people. The new wikia search engine project is named 'Wikiasari' and will apply 'crowd sourcing' features to search engine results, letting individual users rank sources of informatin and their relevancy to a particular query. Dave Winer has some good logic in his post congratulating Jimmy. O'Reilly talks about this as artificial artificial intelligence. To me it makes sense, but again, the marketability needed to be tested. Wikipedia in years have gone from nothing to something to reckon with. Every possible search for a query, wikipedia entry comes in the first page of search result, showing the enormous potential and content rich information it provides. SearchMarketingGurus has slammed this as a wikisari mania. Niall Kennedy has the most sensible article in this mania rush.

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