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Wednesday, June 18

Cannes, Jargons & Understanding the Customers

If you happen to see the presentations of large companies, particularly Tech companies, you can come across words like "leveraging", "paradigm shift" "repurposable solutions" and other jargons, you will never know, what they actually mean. To kill these jargon busters, leading consulting company [Deloite] came up with a MS-Word add-on called "bullfighter". You can get this nifty utility from their website as a free download Bull fighter . Be a part of the Staright Talk group!!

Working on my JV draft still. Not completed. Too many parameters to evaluate. Things are looking bright at the end of the tunnel, where i am halfway in. Finished the new draft for the official website 360 Degrees. If you would like to contribute by saying what would you like to see in the site in its new avatar, do email me at mail me

Quote of the Day::
Ultimately, an organization can increase its profitability and enhance the experience it provides its customers by ensuring that the treatment customers receive across different touchpoints matches their individual needs. The increased profitability is derived from increased efficiency
- from 1to1 Magazine, June 2003 in the article "Why Customers buy is more important than what they buy"

Indian advertising has come of age. We scored 4 [2 Gold, 1 silver and a bronze] till today @ Cannes. More in the offing. Finally, the world recognises the indian creative :-) Thx. Piyush Pandey, Prasoon Joshi, Renil D'selva, Josy Paul and the countless, nameless creative directors working in Indian ad. agencies. Get the up-2-date info on Cannes & the Indian rally at here


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