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Tuesday, June 24

Seth Godin, Sergio Zymen & the power of permission

Have you ever been to Seth Godin's Website ? If you are a thinker, creator or marketer, or simply a viewer, Seth Godin's words will definitely transform the way you think & work. His works are exceptional in a way, it actually demystifies the marketing myths and breaks new grounds in the way you think & market. The best part is some of his sentinal works are available free as a e-book. chk his off. website Seth Godin you know, what i am talking about.

His blog is one of the "you-cannot-escape-from-reading-this" kinda stuff. chk his blog & you can subscribe to alerts . Seth Godin's blog

Life seems to be going heavy with projects & discussions. Pressure builds in terms of the projects & projections which went thru' recently in the discussion. Not much break thru' stuff are happening. The only thing I envisage is to have the official website 360 Degrees [] and a sister site for integrated emarketing [] will go live by mid of July with packed features and informations.

Just in case if u are marketing hungry,
these 2 are worth read.
Marketing Profs-The destination where all the mktg & advertising guys meet

The legendary former Coke CEO Sergion Zymen's consulting company is again a worth read. Zymen unplugged

and last but not the least, a collection of e-books from Seth Godin & some of the best marketing minds in the business Click here to land there


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