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Thursday, September 11

What the World Thinks

When browsing thru' my Fast company subcription, i was surprised to see this.Fast Company Now This is the official blog from the people who write Fast company, world's leading online edition for technology & marketing. This seems to be the way the future is all about, where the employees of an org. dont' have to worry about what the organisation taught them to do, but, what taught about the org. & environment.

and What more, 2 years have gone by on Sep. 11th. I could still remember how i first witness it. I was in malaysia, watching a Pirated VCD of "samudram" a Sharath & K. S. Ravi movie, in my friend's apartment, then his mobile fone rings & tells about the issue. It was around 10.30 in the night i suppose. From there, we were non-stop watching the whole episode of anguish, drama, fear & terror till 3.00 AM in the morning. the next day, is not a normal day for me, as i landed up in malaysia on a business visa. Nostalgia


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