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Friday, October 31

Future of the "Work" and "Work" we do

If you are vetti like me, and would prophecise the way the future is all about, just have a look at this articleThe future of work and the companies. worth read.. few exerpts are given below for saras & gnana, who anyway is not going to look at it :-)

"The concept of work will undergo a major change. The purely materialistic and physical aspect of work will no longer play an important role. Instead, what will be given preference is the mental aspect consisting of the emotional and social environment. Automation of routine jobs will call for increased creativity and social skills in new jobs that arise."

"Successful companies in the twenty-first century will be able to deliver products which satisfy not just material, functional needs but also emotional needs of consumers. The labour market will also behave like the product market. The corporation will have to satisfy both the emotional and social needs of its employees, not just their pecuniary needs"

"The company will be akin to a tribe of the hunter-gatherer society. Employees will not be on contract. They will be members of the tribe. The survival of the tribe will be of utmost importance."

"Values and intellectual capital will be the assets of the company of the future. Since it will be built on this knowledge base, it need not close down if its line of business is not profitable. It can turn its attention to pursuing activities in areas that are in sync with its core values. This lends the future tribal company a lot of flexibility in shaping and following activities best suited to the interests of its members."

Even before this read & couple of other read itself, I am looking at making 360in as a model like St.Lukes ad. agency or Garner Partner works..where there is no defined special is a hunting ground, where the best work with the best and provides the best and takes the best ... Well i am just 27,534 miiles away from that mission from today :-)


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