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Saturday, September 27


Whom will you attribute the success of internet marketing & B2C penetration via net. From the days of dot-com hype to crash and to the further settling down, few companies in the Internet has shown, what Internet & WWW is really capable of. Yahoo!, Google, Amazon, Napster, eBay, ICQ are among the few.

Now the tide is in favour of Amazon. After making a huge impact in the etail business for books [and a whole lot of things now they sell!], amazon is seriously considering entering into Google's turf, Search Engines. I have written in my prev. post about Microsoft looking ahead to write their own "bot" for a searchengine of their own, after Look Smart & Overture have been swallowed by Yahoo!.

Now it's turn of amazon. The start up put up by Amazon known now as "A9" will commence their operations from October with an employee set of 30 people to begin with in the, heart of innovation, Palo Alto, California. There is a detailed news about this in Biz Invades Google's Turf

On a weekend, i am off to pondy. cya on monday.


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