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Sunday, October 5

What did u do when you were 9 years older? Have a look @ US tweens

A recent report by AOL featured in emarketer talks about the growing online tweenies [Age 7 - 12 ] population and their online habits. As guessed rite, Playing games online, tops the chart with 87% of the tween population followed by music listening [63%] watch cartoons, movies [36%] and getting information about celebrities [27%] and so on.

This clearly tells the way people young tweens uses Internet. Surfing or browsing for subjects was not even featured at all. Gaming plays an important online habit. We cann't substitute the same for the Indian Urban Kids, but can definitely take a cue from this, that this will be the pathway for the future generations.

Now, marketers must know how to target these kiddies for their products in India. The full report is this.A Look at the Younger Online Population


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