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Saturday, November 8

Livemotion is Dead

It's now become Official. Livemotion, touted as the Flash killer from Adobe is officially dead. With their latest press release says that Adobe will no longer develop Livemotion and LM 2.0 is the final version and the present customers will be supported till March 31,2004. Which draws the least known fight for Flash from Adobe is officially lost in favor of MM.Livemotion is Dead

What makes worrying is not just the death of a program from a company like Adobe, if we go thru' their product history, there are products like Streamline, Dimensions and others are dead or not supported for their lifetime. MM is also as their own stories of death in the form of Aftershock, Res, Generator [ i forgot their first attempt to beat PSD] and quite a few others.

This finally draws to the battle edge between MM & MS now, ofcourse, MS will launch their "Sparkle" in years to come. Till such time, there is more to code in the form of Flash MX 2004, Flash remoting, Comm. Server from MM.


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