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Friday, November 7

Matrix Revolutions - the Rise of the East

In continuation with our unaltered cult following the Matrix Triology finally comes to an end. "Every beginning has an end. and Every end will create a new beginning". Unlike its earlier versions, Matrix Revolutions is more about a theoretical view of the system of the matrix.

Coming out of the theater [Oh i watched the second show in its worldwide premiere anyway] the adrenalin rush you had for the Ist part is missing. The first part has all the credentials to pull me, for the sequels, but ended purely in vain, that by initiating a deep discussion about existence & purpose of existence will slowly paved way to Hollywood's merchandise & commercial interest by the Wachokisi brothers. Overall, it can be made still better. We expect that there will be memorable fight sequence [the first & the clones of Agent Smith in the second] but unfortunately, the climax ends abruptly.

Things which really made me celebrated about this blockbuster movie are:

1. first time, Hollywood was taught about the eastern philosophy & mystery.
2. I remember, telling my friend, when we are out of our first experience with Matrix, that the movie is inspired by Bhagavat Gita [ Maya is the core word, around which the entire world runs.
3. Both I,II & III illustrates, the fast moving traditional Chinese stunt sequences and a respect for god & elders. Unlike blockbuster hollywood movies, this movies never utters one "f***" word in its entire version. Vedas Chanting & the divine word "OM & Shanthi" is used in the end of the titles. Of course, before this movie itself, movies like "Eyes Wide Shut" has used vedic renderings, but purely for the musical & sensationl purposes and not with a point.
4. This part, Revolutions, has 15 minutes screen presence of an Indian Software Professional [ His wife name is Kamla. Will you believe it, The movie is not done by an Indian, and very rarely I came across a Indianish name in their credits]. This makes a clear shift of mindset in the US & the Western countries. The Indian is depicted as a high skilled software professional, an endorsement in a hollywood blockbuster movie. The words "Karma" & "Aathma" are spoken with Neo about the real meaning of life.
5. Unlike those, patriotic western blockbusters, the hero is not back to french kiss is lover. Here every one is dead. There is one dialogue, which summarises the entire experience in the end, when the Oracle tells the Architect, will there be another war and he says i am not human and dont expect things like that.
6. Finally a movie, which strongly commits, values, karma, unscientifical truths is accepted & appreciated in the West.

There was a funny thing. When Morpheous refers about Oracle, as she knows everything, i can here a murmur in my back, where is Microsoft? they should be knowing everything. Final Verdict, This movie will be commercially successful & bring tonnes of $$$ but failed in satisfying a cult group.


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