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Wednesday, December 10

5 Things which is going to Shock the World

This is an interesting read about 5 tech innovators, who is working on near impossible stuff. Going by the facts, if their research goes and succeeds, there is a new way of looking at things out there. Some of them are very much exciting... Have a read...
1. Jerry Hallmark >> Portable fuel cells
2. Alan Broad >> Smart dust
3. Cynthia Kenyon >> Longevity
4. Chad Dyner >> Interactive floating display
5. Bill Bass >> Online customization

As an interactive guy, i m very much with Chad Dyner's work and Bill Bass's vision. One sentence which really turned me on is the word from Chad Dyner
"I like the idea that an image can now be anywhere--it doesn't have to be confined in a box or stuck on a screen"

Feeling like working inside Minority Report ....wait..sometime in the near future, it will be true.
Fast Company 5 Tech Innovators


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