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Tuesday, December 9

Will SPAM kills online Marketing?

With a recent discussion about SPAM mails and blocking by ISPs will lead to a slump in online spending. going by the discusion at imediaconnection it is not so. The ability to provide real time statistics and information for the marketers and no more depending upon 3 party agencies for the stats to come, online direct marketing is still a better way of spending money to gain a mindshare. This article supports the spend on online direct marketing work for the sheer amount of transperancy and clarity involved with that.Read the article

To me, looking at the point of view from the indian connection, Web is a well suited medium for the brands for young. Do you know that, in a recent survey by Patricia Seybold & Martin Lindstorm in their book BrandChild, came out with some startling facts. OK. The book talks about "Tweenagers" an age group [ 9 -14] slowly becoming a major deciding factor in purchase decision. Get the last issue of Strategic Marketing for a detailed analysis. It rocks i should say.


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