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Thursday, November 13

Design Practices on the Web

Need to know how many people design for 800 X 600 and 1024 X 768 ? Want to know the color, link color, active color treatment given broadly by the designers & accepted by the users ? How to work on the common elements in an eCommerce Chart program ? If you are searching all the above in google, Wait a second, enough, press the "stop" button and relax.

This website has a unique way of content matching & research facts listed based on the present web scenario. Dont mistake this for the web-standard or for W3C recommendations. This is not for that. This site researches on the present pattern of web design across the web and presents you under various titles about the design techniques used worldwide. This can used as a better reference site, if you would like to convenice your client for the design you are in. Have a look. Web Design Practices


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