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Monday, November 10

Contextual Mktg Vs. Behavioral Mktg

Going thru' the ad:tech's multitude personality for next generation marketing in the areas of online, search engine, interactive, this interview throws some unique insights about the future of contextual & behavioral marketing and how they differ.

Interesting facts & examples filled thru' out the interview. Must read if you think you are for the next generation of marketing science. Interview w/The Claria Corp.’s Scott Eagle Their website claria has good amount of information about ad vehicles, rates etc.

But the worrying fact is that will people still accept Pop-Ups , Pop Upper or Pop Under and a whole lot of Pop varieties for advertising. For me, it is disgusting when someone trying to take my attention from the information i read on. If you are an avid new media personality, you will have enough toolset in your machine to protect Pop-Ups [like the Google's top bar Pop Up Killer]. With that available, we need to seriously identify in-site advertising promotions than taking information outside.


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