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Friday, June 4

Day After Tomorrow

Day after tomorrow (today) after watching the movie Day After Tomorrow for the second time, i just browsed thru the net to find out is the threat real. The threat is real indeed. There is an organisation fighting against the Bush government to urge to adhere to the Kyoto protocol.They even have an online petition which any environmental concered people can sign & send it to Bush File your petition here

But there is more than just a petition to the info. There is infact a Climate Stewardship Act and you get atleast 2000 records on global warming & climate conditions in google. Google search results

Why we need to support & push every governments in the world for Climate Stewardship Act?

The reasons are listed here

But what's startling to me is the some of the following findings. These findings are not from ad. agency statistics ;-) but by leading professors, research institutes and others.

"Greenhouse gases are accumulating in the Earth’s atmosphere as a result of human activities, causing surface air temperatures and subsurface ocean temperatures to rise. Temperatures are, in fact, rising.” - A U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS) study

"U.S. emissions increased by 14% in the 1990’s despite a U.S. pledge to stabilize emissions and government efforts to implement a “voluntary” plan with industry."

"Using projections of species’ distributions for future climate scenarios, we assess extinction risks for sample regions that cover some 20% of the Earth’s terrestrial surface. Exploring three approaches in which the estimated probability of extinction shows a power law relationship with geographical range size, we predict, on the basis of mid-range climate-warming scenarios for 2050, that 15–37% of species in our sample of regions and taxa will be ‘committed to extinction’."

It's time we need to pack our bags to take action or move to another planet in the generations to come.


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