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Thursday, August 26

Anti IE Campaign

The Web Standards Project (WaSP) launched an ad campaign to get people to switch from Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser due to its lack of respect for web standards. Wasp was created in 1998 by frustrated web developers. Modeled on Apple Computer's testimonial campaign, the Browse Happy site shows users several case studies where different types of people benefited from ditching the industry's most popular browser.

Remember, months before, i was talking about switching to Firefox as my default browser not just because i respect standards, but also because of the security & comforts Firefox provides us. Now it is happier to learn that corporates & enterprises are also looking into switching to standards & standard-compliant browsers for better browsing experience. I am not against Bill gates, I am just against their policy of not adhering to standards set by World Wide Web Consortium though they are one of the corporate members in that.

Support Standards!! Save an error free, accessible, usable web for the future!!


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