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Wednesday, August 18

Apple Unveiled. Microsoft thinking & macromedia is working

Last week, Apple unveiled the production bundle. The much awaited motion is being shipped. Looks like the small & medium producers are finally getting what the big budget studios can afford to work on. Technology works. Apple is introduced the "Production bundle" a deadly combo of 3 products including Final Cut Pro with HD, Motion & DVD Studio Pro . Just curious to watch, how Motion will change the compositing & effects landscape against the mightly After Effects, Combustion kinda competition.

But unfortunately, for Microsoft, things are bit awry. "Longhorn" is still a long way to go.. Increasing pressure on server market by linux pushes microsoft to seriously consider advertising & promotion of their servers.

Macromedia is ready for their next release. On a side note, after much interval, MM has released the new player 7 for linux. Having learnt the lesson from the release of their MX 2004 suite releases, MM is pursuing a sure & steady step for their Coldfusion servers...learn more on CF server & flash integration in the new enhancement code named "BlackStone".

More to learn before i take my next project so......


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