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Friday, August 6

Japanese Companies & great Indian landscape

Japanese companies in India, are the hallmark of superior pricing & quality. Though japanese companies are in india for decades, in terms of business, they haven't made any great impact in the enviroment.

Here comes the Korean chaeopals LG & Samsung, both are brutally aggressive & understands the great indian middle class mindset. Within a decade of their existence, they have become indispensable in the market place & leads the market in certain industry product lines.

On the other hand, Japanese companies had problems in understanding India. They believe, that quality comes with a hefty price tag. Look at the fortunes of Sanyo, Akai, Panasonic and joining the race is Sony.

"CLOSE on the heels of shutting down its audio manufacturing unit, consumer electronics firm Sony India has suspended production at its colour television facility and said that it was evaluating whether to close down the CTV unit.

"We are evaluating the viability of CTV manufacturing unit in India. At this moment, we cannot say whether the company will continue with the unit," - Sony closes its plants

One of my friend works in National Panasonic's chennai factory and complained that there are huge piles of stocks worth few crores lying idle in their factory and the Japanese majors seriously considering the shutting down of the factory. Poor state of affairs for Japanese in india, like their haiku, their business dominance will be short & sweet only in certain areas.


At 10:22 AM, Blogger Aravindan said...

Hi Narain,

Its a really shocking news for me to know that Sony is closing their CTY unit in India.

I visited Sony manufacturing unit in 97 for a conf.A well maintained factory fully airconditioned unit.In 90s very few companies has fully airconditioned manufacturing floor.

I spent 3 three hours in the factory.Most of the engineers are from South India.Assemly unit is full of girls with some ITI qualification..(Nice looking too)...

One unforgettable memory of the visit is they did not give proper lunch for us :(- ...few samosas and and coffee.....

WIth warm regards

At 6:31 AM, Blogger Emman Esguerra said...

Japanese manufacturing companies are really great no matter where there are in the world. Surely, wherever they go, they will definitely play a huge role in that region's economic growth.


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