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Monday, June 14

Google ....... More Google

This is a surprise information from Elegant Hack about a new tool or rather service or value addition, whatever the way you consider it. Been a google fan & die-hard user, i always compare google with some of the innovative stuff around in search & search engine solutions.

Like the preview available in vivisimo or 3 tier search info. available in Teoma or picture previews available in Alexa. But one guy took the initiative and made a product out of that.... chk More Google, it's a 300K download which can work along with your Internet Explorer (not available for other i hate to use IE, coz of this )along with your google page.

What it gives you is the ability to preview the search result pages in thumbnail along with a "Open in a new window" with "site statistics". That's cool....

>> See page preview thumbnails cool!
>> "Open in New Window" Button
>> Live product information new!
>> Get accurate site access statistics
>> Retrieve older versions of a site
>> Find more related web sites

The above are the features you get along with your google search. It's worth downloading from More Google's website.

Try it.


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