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Tuesday, June 8

Gods (Demi Gods) of Modern Web Design

Months before, i have registered a post on the gods of flash ( there are more semi-gods now...but to me the unshakable god of all time is Robert Penner. This time, let me give you my personal favourite of gods & demi gods of Web standards.

Starting with none other than Eric Mayer, for his seminal contribution to CSS & Webstandards alike. Follows closely by two gentleman who pioneered the concept of webstandards & extend the boundries of CSS design - Jeffery Zeldman and dont forget to read is Daily Report and Dave Shea.

On the design & asethetics side, we have Douglas Bowman, Russ Weakley and Dan Cederholm and there are countless names like Nick Finck ( Digital Web Magazine fame), Andy Budd (Budd's Weblog)among others.

What is astonishing is these people have really pushed the envelope of accessible, standard based, content centric, browser independent yet still aesthetic web design & development. If you are a novice just pay a visit to the site and you know, why they are all Gods of Modern Webdesign


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