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Sunday, September 19

Interview with The Hindu

When i was booking my tickets for "Kudaikkual Mazhai" ( A Tamil movie done by partippan - hello parti sir, stop watching those "good cinemas" in persian, arabic, urdu, acetic and other languages and try to "feel" so much to make a "tamil" cinema their way!!!--- well it's a good story, "over-dosed" by partipanish creativity...), Kribs called me. Kribs for the uninitiated is a ever smiling, enthusiastic, evangelist for so many things.

The idea is to have a common discussion about "blogging" and how blogging has evolved, treated in today's context. I jumped into the idea immediately as this gives me a chance to meet some more fellow bloggers. Somehow, i dont have the habit of listing all those blog names in my blog, except for adding recently an anti-IE campaign (Get FireFox Now ).

We had a good time in the afternoon, with Kribs, Chandru and Vinesh... Chandru is an old friend who runs a great blog called Selective Amnesia and vinesh, i just came to know about 5 min. before the meeting who is a Formula 1 freak. Overall, it's a nice experience to go with, except for the fact that we lost the match with Pakistan ;-(


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