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Tuesday, November 30

Own Discovery: 3 things

Somehow, i am being fascinated by the no.3 in the recent times. 3 books i read, 3 discoveries i made while surfing and i am completing the 3rd year of self-reliance of running things on my own.

  1. Everybody knows, Seth Godin, the revolutionary marketing guy behind successful concepts like Idea Virus, Permission Marketing and others. After quite some time, i revisited his site. Great to see he has written another topseller book.Via Seth' blog, i visited Changethis. A non-profit site run by Amit Gupta (what a funny email to have!!). What a treasure drove of manifestos for the future this site has got. You pay nothing to get into the minds & thoughts of some of most forward-looking thinkers of today's world on wide variety of topics. Bookmark Must.
  2. Have you ever seen stop-motion animation. I seen it on road here in chennai, where a street peddler will have a series of images running via a small role. It will create motion and you see live picture. Wanna test it out. If you think of animating numbers, just take a big book with some 400 pages and just run thru the corner of the pages faster, the page numbers will animate. Basic concept of motion. Now the same stuff goes hi-tech in the subway stations worldwide. Read an article in about how the walls of the subway tunnels are turning into a moving billboard advertising medium. Interesting read and how creative minds thinks about possibilities.
  3. The third discovery is more of an internal discovery. I haven't tested the News&Blogs configuration option in my Thunderbird 0.9 But when i was about to configure one of my email account, i just tried it out. It turned out to be a great time-saver. Now all I require is one Client, which can handle my email, newsgroup subscriptions, RSS Integration and what's more, i can customise the "look & feel" & also extend my email client to my taste. Surely, TB is the way forward and it is time to show the path to Outlook & Microsoft Outlook to Recycle Bin.
Also, worth mentioning if you are an interctive marketer, a new book from Resource Interactive's head Mooney. It's called as The Ten demandments: Rules to Live by in the Age of the Demanding Customer. The site looks interesting with its praise. I dont' I can publish the Ten Demandments here, but I hope no attorney is sueing me over here.
1. Earn my trust
2. Inspire me
3. Make it easy
4. Put me in charge
5. Guide me
6. 24/7
7. Get to know me
8. Exceed my expectations
9. Reward me
10. Stay with me

Will add this in my wish list of books for next purchase. Purchase options are available.


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