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Tuesday, December 21

3 Movies in a day

the NO. 3 strikes again. This happened yesterday, dint have time to post, so documenting today.

It all happened with a phone call from my friend saravanan. I immediately cancelled one useless appointment and went straight to Anand theatre to see the first film in 2nd Chennai International Film Festival organised by ICAF.

The movie started at 4.00 clock. The first movie i saw was "SuWaas" directed by Sandeep Sawant. A touching story of how an old man tries to teach his grandson the preciousness of vision & beauty of life. The poor boy will lose his sight completely after a major surgery. A sensible, touching and riveting story in marathi. Tipped to be the nomination from India for Oscars this year 2004.

Came out and had a light snack and get back to the theatre again for a live, real, social pardoxical comedy about Isrealians & Syrians in Syrian Bride. It's a story about a syrian Bride who lives in Israel, wanted to marry a Syrian Television star across the border. With complications, in terms of occupancy rule & UN interruption, socio-economical status of Syria and other elements. Although, this is meant to be a socio, comedy drama, some of the scenes are really touching. In one scene, where the brothers are separted by borders, talk to each other using loud speakers to convey family matters. It's so realistic and happening still in Syrian borders. Touching drama.

It finished at 8.30 and i am scheduled for a tamil movie ("Kaathal" ) at Sathyam. I gotta kill my time till 10 so i take a visit to nearby Reliance webworld and do the most i do at webworld. Watching International trailors. If you are on broadband in your office with good media player support, i suggest the following trailors for you to watch (spanish) - True story (italian) - drama (mature content) - non english / european - true story (chinese) - mythology (english - box office no.1 now) - Jim Carrey at his BEST!!

Kaathal is a tamil movie about a love story & realistic consequences of escaping from the home town. Running in the backdrop of Madurai, the entire crew is almost new to cinema and this brings certain authenticity & credibility to the entire script. I haven't seen a movie in recent times, which is so close to your heart and looks real. This movie is absolutely & stunningly realistic. The director in the final title card actually claims that this is a "true story". Worth watching!!


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