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Wednesday, December 15

Google to digitize University Libraries

Indexing information, cataloguing it and give proper search guidelines are all came from libraries. World libraries organises information under different heads, and making the experience unique and searchable. This was in the last millienium.

Enter Google.

Consumers start using google as a means of their search of information. With its accuracy & faster turnaround, in last 5 years, Google is defacto standard in search. With its enormous site indexing (as of this writing, Google indexes "©2004 Google - Searching 8,058,044,651 web pages" ) and information retrival, Google now sets to change the way the world reads in libraries.

According to news reports from here, here, here, here and here, Google sets to scan some of the top libraries.
"Google plans to scan five vast library collections into its Internet search engine. The project will make available online the libraries of four universities -- Oxford, Harvard, Michigan, and Stanford -- as well as the books of the New York City Library no longer covered by copyright."
It's really amazing, how Google has evolved "Search" as a factor in business. In Hindu Philosophy, it reiterates the point, that Life is full of constant search. It exactly applies to Google. From a search engine, Google today has news, groups, desktop, shopping, web, pictures, print and what not.

I am an ardant fan of The Matrix. Google, somehow amuses me to be a real life Matrix. If today, i want to be neuro scientist, load google, wants to study taxonomy, load google, and for my every learning & interaction activity, i can always load google and get the stuff i want.

In a side note, i read after much legal, public battle finally Oracle buys Peoplesoft. News here. Oracle finally taken over his much needed company for a whopping $10.3 billion. It once again proved Elephants always wins & dance :-) in the Corporate Jungle.


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