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Monday, December 20

Molly's crystal gazing for WEB Design 2005

Molly is a respected professional in the Web design & standards circle. She has done a neat article about here experiences Web Design World 2004. More than an experience sharing article, this clearly paves the way for the issues & positives we have with standards based approach and also sort of guidelines for the industry expectations and change overs in 2005. Her article web design world cool-down gives you the details.

It's a black truth, that people, who are well known about web too, is skeptical about the acceptance of CSS & separating presentation from content. I had a discussion with a VP of one of Chennai's leading off-shore software company. He is surprised & amused about the kind of works we do and is still skeptical about the wide acceptance of standards compliant website development. Although, he is of a view, that only US & UK needs standards compliants sites for its business advantages & devices adapatability.

To me, that itself is bit surprising to look at. NTT DoCoMo (btw, see their never ending story a flash presentation in their website, just a pre cursor to what a mobile can do to your life!!) is the largest mobile commerce player in the world, who is in Japan, Korea. Reliance infocomn is world's fastest CDMA distributor who is based in India. Taiwan is the base for manufacturing of world's largest technology conglomorates. So, why is that we need to think, standard compliance & device compatibility and related business benefits for only Western countries.

But, I am seeing a welcome change in the way people are reviewing their website & internet strategies. People are now more concerned about marketing & lead generation via websites than traditional media. I hope, next year will be a good year for web designers & developers as a whole.


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