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Monday, December 6

The OQ of the day - Opera & Questia

Just got thru this link via Zeldman. Questia is a searchable online library and you can read books cover to cover. I mean "Cover to Cover" - full book. No jokes. It's true. They give you free book of the week and so on.
I just throw a simple query like"web design" and it replies with 14628 Books 4043 Journal articles 1741 magazine article, 851 newspaper articles and 5 encyclopedia articles. Simply amazing. If you are in your learning mode, i think this is the best place to start.
In a similar note, just downloaded Opera 7.54 and that rocks.Opera has improved a lot over the years. It's a all built-in browser with chat, email clients, transfers, contact manager, chat rooms and more. You can download Opera here. Downloaded purely for my testing purpose to test our webpages but still it's worth a try.

Still firefox is my default browser to go with.


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