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Tuesday, December 7

Seth Godin & SEO

"SEOs are not a shortcut to success, at least not for 99% of the companies out there. You won't win by fooling Google into listing you first for a common search term. You will win once you figure out the simple mechanics of turning strangers into friends and friends into customers."
Seth's Blog: The problem with search engine optimization

It's true, that 90% of the clients think that by paying $5 to Google to start an AdWords account will fetch them no.1 Position in google search. WRONG. SEO is a continuous process. Only good content matters most. It's also assumed that tweaking a few things with content will list you top position in google. The answer is temporarily yes.

Good SEO is not just about content. It is about good markup. Separating design, content, functionality and presentation. Good Linking strategy. Good amount of listing in various directories. Active participation & contribution to your users & community.

Technically, i can always point you to a no. of resources to make your SEO count. But more than anything technical, it is sheer common-sense approach to web. More than optimising your website for search engine, you need to understand how search engines basically index or list your site. As Godin, rightly pointed out, it's a black art. One in a million company can provide you with a clear strategy & optimisation of your website.

I really dont know whether we figure in that one in a million company. But based on our client's feedback, we are fairly doing well. As a shameless self promotion, 360 Degrees gives you a beginner's guide to SEO in its website.

Btw, we are working hard on our revamp of the site. Will post you by Xmas.


At 8:22 AM, Blogger BSPblogger said...

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