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Thursday, February 10

Carly Fiorina - End of the HyPe

Carly Fiorina, the mark of the raise of the women power in the corporate jungle, has been shown the door. After successfully merged, Compaq with HP and created world's one among the biggest PC Peripheral company, Carly is sacked by the Board. Here is the News

It's really been a serious blow for women activists and other women groups, who associate Carly with the feminine power are in total awe.
" Carly Fiorina, who came to HP in 1999 from Lucent Technologies Inc., declined to elaborate on reasons for her abrupt departure, except to say: "While I regret the board and I have differences about how to execute HP's strategy, I respect their decision."

Sources within the company said the differences stemmed from the board's desire to distribute some of her day-to-day responsibilities to other executives as a way to enhance performance, the Wall Street Journal said Wednesday. "
Fast company had an interesting debate 3 years ago, when Carly was appointed, What if Carly were a Man? - Going back again to read that provides an interesting read.

There was also a contrasting view available in Customer Evangelists blog.
"In its coverage today of Carly Fiorina's departure from HP, the New York Times writes, "[Fiorina's] charisma and aggressive, top-down leadership style made her a highly visible personality..."

Let's hope Fiorina's firing signals the demise of "aggressive, top-down leadership" in organizations that rely on collaborative, bottom-up teamwork and integrated customer involvement in decision-making and growth. " - Perma Link

Irrespective of which ever the way you see her, she has proved what can be achieved within short span of time, being a women in the male dominated world (viz., Wall Street & HP Board)

All the best Carly!!


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