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Thursday, January 20

Picasa 2

Picasa 2 is Google's Photo management software. Well, that sentence will not justify the usefulness of this software. There are no. of surprises this small software has.
Surprise 1: I have downloaded one to my machine and it indexed all my collection within 3 minutes. Quite often I forgot, that this is from Google ;-) so is the speed of searching

Surprise 2: It arrange the photos in a year based timeline with individual folder. I am able to track some of the images I saved way back in 2001. You also have a mini image corrector built-in like cropping, contrast adjustment and like.

Surprise 3: Brilliant Timeline view. First time, i jumped out of my chair to scream, what an interface, sexy transitions. This also comes with a Slide show view and Oops!! forgot to mention their icons & panels. Looks like Google learned a lesson or two from Apple in creating icons & panels. Way too far than any other stuff i have ever seen till date in image management.

Surprise 4: This is absolutely FREE. Yes it is. I can't believe my eyes on that. Such a great software and Google is giving it free.
Download your copy now. no excuses any more.

On a sidenote, Google actually integrated all their free downloads and gives us as a single download. This single download consists of Google toolbar, Google desktopbar, Google desktop search, Picasa Photo organiser, Gmail Notifier. See here to download


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